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Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos and hearts tattoos designs are a popular genre. People use hearts to express everything from love to hatred, believe it or not…the latter with tattoos that include pierced or bleeding hearts, etc..

We’ve seen hearts with pins, daggers and swords sticking into them, broken hearts, good vs. evil hearts, multiple overlapping hearts, hearts with angels’ wings or bird’s wings or even dragon’s tail and head.

Some more common ideas for a heart tattoo include various flowers, people’s names (often children’s names or Mom), and fantasy tattoo scenes. A heart tattoo can be tiny and delicate, such as for a girls’ ankle or shoulder, or large and intricate, such as for a man’s bicep. Many girls get heart tattoos on their lower back, sometimes with wings, butterflies or other creatures.

Note to romantic men who want to to put their love’s name in a heart tattoo…remember that not all relationships last! Many are the men with a once-beloved woman’s name tattooed on their arm and who wish they had never done it! Moms and kids are forever.

Some examples of tattoos containing hearts are featured below.

Love Heart Tattoo


Heart Tattoo with Wings

Heart Lower Back Tattoo