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Gecko Lizard Tattoo

Call it what you want…gecko tattoos, lizard tattoos, this tattoo design is a great one for wrapping around an arm or slinking up a leg.

Gecko tattoos can range from a cute little guy on an ankle to a very realistic and possibly scary large, detailed gecko or lizard tattoo. Smaller, cuter geckos are usually chosen by women and girls, while the bigger, more detailed lizard tattoo designs are often preferred by men.

Geckos and salamander tattoos have become increasingly popular as women shy away from cutesy butterflies and are looking for something a little more edgy in tattoo design. Some of the more complex lizard tattoo art allows a tattooist incredible way to demonstrate their talents, as seen in the last picture below.

black gecko tattoo design

Feminine Gecko Tattoo Design

gecko tattoo picture

Tribal Gecko Tattoo

maori tattoos pictures

Maori Gecko Tattoo

large lizard tattoo design

Green Lizard Tattoo